Rob intervjuv med The Sunday Times

2012-02-26 / 14:12:38

Rob intervjuvades av Sunday Times när han besökte Berlin under Bel Ami premiären och film festivalen.

The world’s favourite vampire is in Berlin for a whirlwind visit and, true to bloodsucking type, Robert Pattinson isn’t eating. Tonight, he will do the red-carpet thing for the world premiere of his new film, Bel Ami, but in the private hotel lounge allocated for this interview — “This is classy,” he comments as he strolls in — he barely makes a dent in the chicken salad he has ordered, despite his professed hunger.

Pattinson isn’t known for playing characters who do much smiling or laughing, either, so the first thing to notice is how readily he does both in person. Decked out in a black-grey ensemble and sporting a new cropped haircut under his black cap, he has barely sat down, with a pack of Camels by his side, before he’s folded up in mirth, talking about the KitKatClub, a notorious Berlin sex joint, and his desire to ­patronise it with his family. Is he joking? I hope not. “I was telling my dad about it last night, and he sounded really into it. ‘I’m coming over — let’s go to the orgy club.’ ”

Resten av intervjuven går att läsas här

Bel Ami regissörerna nämner Rob

2012-02-21 / 17:48:03

Håller verkligen med Declan här när frågan om varför Rob fick rollen. Han är ju helt klart perfekt för den.
Är inte så vanligt heller att man har två regissörer i en film men här får vi svar på varför Bel Ami hade 2 st.

RTL intervjuvar Rob

2012-02-18 / 09:20:52

Rob ser ursnygg ut. Blir här intervjuvad av RTL. Kort men så härlig intervjuv.

Denise Cronenberg talk about Rob

2012-02-16 / 15:33:32

Är ju verkligen inte förvånad att Rob är såå omtyckt av många. Den här gången är det
Denise Cronenberg som har designat Rob´s kostym i Cosmopolis och hon är också syster till David Cronenberg.

Här berättar hon för Grazia Live hur det är att jobba tillsammans med Rob 

Grazia Daily: You’re working on Cosmopolis with Robert Pattinson now, what’s that been like?

Oh, he’s lovely! He’s such a nice, sweet kid. He’s intelligent and smart; he was very brave to take on something like this because I think he was quite hesitant at first. But David is wonderful with actors and he’s a father of three, so he uses that. He and Robert had a wonderful relationship. It was an unusual film to do, very unusual. We had to do a rave, street fires and have cars exploding for this film! David and I decided what we thought we’d put Robert in. I then talked to Gucci who were incredible and gave us all his clothes. He’s dressed from head to toe in Gucci from the tie to his socks! And we had no money, like really, no money so we could never have done it without them.


Reese talk about Rob & WFE

2012-02-16 / 09:33:31

Reese Witherspoon nämner Rob några gånger här under hennes livechatt. Är dock dålig bild på videon men det går att se ändå.

24:00 – She says she loved filming Water for Elephants and cried when she had to say goodbye to Tai

26:30 – Says she loved Water for Elephant’s dresses

33:00 – She says that Rob loves animals, that it was the reason he agreed to do the movie. Talks about Tai and that she was always following him and that he was also good with Uggie.

44:00 – Her most challenging role was Water for Elephants because of the circus training, learning how to work with the elephant and the horses.

47:00 – How was to play Rob’s love interest in Water for Elephants and his mother in Vanity Fair? “Totally weird”.


Juliette Binoche talk about Rob

2012-02-11 / 09:33:44
Juliette Binoche berättar lite om Cosmopolis och hennes scen med Robert Pattinson.

What do you do in Cosmopolis, the next David Cronenberg?

I make love in the limo! Belonging to Robert Pattinson, fabulously wealthy man who wants it all and loses it all! It sounds like Cronenberg, doesn’t it? Director of photography, Peter Suschitzky, lights up each shot like a painting. Robert and I were alone in the car with a camera and a microphone, and we could hear David’s voice coming from a distance: we would redo a take, then another one, etc. There was something clinical about it, which for me was a change from Amos Gitai or Abel Ferrara.


Intervjuv med The Hot Hits

2012-02-08 / 15:39:21

Här kommer hela intervjuven med Hot Hits. Riktigt härlig är den. Älskar Rob han är så underbar och har humor.


Joseph Morgan talk about Rob

2012-02-08 / 15:34:01
Joseph Morgan känd som Klaus i Vampire Diaries pratar här i en intervjuv lite om bla Robert, kändisskapen och kariärren

Joseph is the latest addition to the series playing Klaus and spoke exclusively to omg! about how a franchise such as Twilight would affect the success of its male lead:

“Provided he didn’t mess it all up, Robert was guaranteed a fan base thanks to Twilight,” Joseph told us.

“His character is iconic and there’s a huge following of the books but there’s a tremendous amount of pressure that comes with that.”

The gravitas of playing a heartthrob is something the 30-year-old actor can relate to as he explained how much passion fans have for the parts he and RPattz play.

“People have their own very distinctive ideas of how a character should be portrayed especially when you’re playing a vampire.”

But this is something Robert does flawlessly, as Joseph adds it’s not just Edward Cullen who turned him into a superstar.

“Having the talent helped, Robert is quite charming and humble in the press during interviews which helps.

“I do worry thought that after Vampire Diaries finishes how many fans will come with me to watch other projects that I do and if it’s just the vampire phenomenon that made us [me and Robert] famous. It’s harder for Robert though.”

Judging by Joseph’s looks, we don’t think it’s just talent or the acting gig he’s got that draws the fans in but it’s clearly something he worries about.

“It’s too early to say if I think I’ve been typecast, but I’ve been forced to take on different roles but I’m not going to lie I have done jobs just to pay the rent.”

Naturally we had to ask if he’d like to reach the dizzy Hollywood heights that Robert has to which he replied rather diplomatically… “That guy is more famous than anyone at the moment, of course I’d like to have Robert Pattinson’s career but I don’t like the whole celebrity aspect of it.

“I’m not interested in having a photo shoot in a magazine it allows people to buy into you too much. I’m not against talking about my personal life but I don’t want it to be a soap opera.

“I’m not saying Robert’s is, but he can’t escape it – like the gossip around who is he dating, I don’t want all that.”

But that’s what we REALLY need to know! Our final question to the actor was if he watched Twilight in preparation for his role in Vampire Diaries

I watched the first one but didn’t want to play it the same as Robert. I thought he was good, there are so many parallels drawn between Twilight and Vampire Diaries that it was better for me not to watch it.”


Edward is a timeless gentleman

2012-02-07 / 22:42:13
Peter Facinelli som spelar Carlise Cullen i The Twilight saga gästade nyligen The Today Show. Måste bara hålla med om att han ser helt klart snyggare ut utan all smink och peruk.
Så underbart att höra när Peter talar så varmt om sin son Edward i filmerna där han beskriver honom som en tidlös gentleman.


Reese är imponerad av Rob

2012-02-07 / 00:25:38
Rob´s Water for Elephant co-star Reese Witherspoon har alltid lovordat Rob i många intervjuver. Här berättar hon hur många ser Rob som en bortskämd, rutten brat. Men Reese håller absolut inte med om det. Intervjuven är från Britian Glamour magazin.

Jag tror många ser honom som en bortskämd rutten brat. Men det var han ej. Han var verkligen otroligt charmig,smart och väldigt blyg och innåtvänd. Han är väldigt trevlig.

Reese var speciellt imponerad av hans sätt att hantera sina fans. På London premiären sov folk utanför i sovsäckar och dom grät och snyftade, men han tog sin tid att säga hej och skriva autografer.

YoungHollywood träffar Catherine Hardwicke

2012-01-31 / 13:26:00

Young Hollywood is hanging out at Sundance with director Catherine Hardwicke, who shares her thoughts on the 'Twilight' phenomenon and reveals some interesting tidbits about Robert Pattinson. She also talks about her Sundance experiences, past and present, and future projects she has on the horizon.

Reese lovordar Rob

2012-01-30 / 17:37:31
Reese Witherspoon berättar för MTV News om hennes beundran över hur bra Rob klarar berömmelsen.

Robert Pattinson är "en riktigt cool kille", säger Reese Witherspoon.

Skådespelerskan spelade tillsammans med Robert Pattinson 2011 ifilmen Water for Elephants och hon beskriver honom som ödmjuk och jordnära.

Reese beskriver honom såhär

"Han en riktigt cool kille," berättar Reese för MTV News"Jag har aldrig upplevt samma sak som han gör på premiärer och det är bara miljontals människor som väntar på honom att Rob ska röra dem. Jag tror att det måste vara konstigt, men jag vet inte ens hur man ska bearbeta vad han får stå ut med och Kristen Stewart

Sarah Gadon berättar om Rob´s fans

2012-01-25 / 15:39:15
Rob´s co-star i Cosmopolis Sarah Gadon nämer här Rob i en intervjuv med Total Film Magazin.

Q:Did you encounted any Twi-hard madess on Cosmopolis?

Sarah Gadon: Nej inte från början men när fansen började få reda på vart Rob var någonstans  blev det lite av en cirkus, Men en av fördelarna med Rob´s berömmelse är att det ger mycket uppmärksamhet åt människor som David och filmer som Cosmopolis Det är bara tabliod sånt jag inte bryr mig om.

Rachel Zoe om att styla Rob

2012-01-23 / 19:14:03

Stylisten Rachel Zoe berättar i en intervjuv om både Twilight och Rob. Hade inte varit fel att få se Edward & Bella stylade av Rachel eller hur?

You’ve also been outspoken about your crush on Robert Pattinson. Have you gotten to meet him yet?

No, I have not met Rob. But, I have many mutual friends and have heard nothing but the loveliest things about him. I think he’s a very talented actor and would love to meet him in the future.

If you could style any of the Twilight cast, who would you pick and why?

Bella and Edward  I would love to dress them as a couple because I think that’s always fun.

If you had to pick: Twilight books or movies?

Movies, because I’m an extremely visual person. I actually read the books after the movies, which was fun because I could see Kristen and Robert as Bella and Edward.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Edward, obvi.

Holliday Grainger om Rob´s fans

2012-01-19 / 15:13:50

Holliday Grainger berättar här om att jobba med Rob i Bel Ami och alla fansen han hade runt sig i Budapest där inspelningen hölls.

NBC News intervjuvar Rob

2012-01-16 / 13:36:39
Jag tror inte att vi har lagt upp denna intervjuv förr. Det är med NBC News som intervjuvar Rob om Breaking Dawn

Rob´s Bel Ami stunt man intervjuvas

2012-01-10 / 19:39:32

Szabolcs Eszes spelar Rob´s stunt duble i filmen Bel Ami. Här berättar han lite om hur det var att jobba med honom.

How did you become the double of Rob in Bel Ami?
In 2010 I was the Hungarian X-Factor promo’s face and they observed me and called the Bel Ami’s casting. I tried and I got the role. Then they asked me that if I wanted to be Robert’s double, and I said: Of course:)
How was this experienceDid you enjoy it?
It was amazing! To play whit such a great actors! Robert and me act in a scene together! He is a very good actor, and very kind!
Can you tell us a funny story about Rob?
Actually I don’t remember! Once, I asked him if he knows Natalie Portman, and they are in good friendship. But he just laughed on this…
What is your favorite movies played by Robert Pattinson? And Why?
I love Little Ashes! My favourite painter is Dali, and Robert was a Great Dali! Could you describe us your relationship with the fans on set? No! there was very exacting safety-rules.

Tyska Bravo magazin intervjuvar Rob

2012-01-10 / 09:37:13

Rob intervjuvades av Bravo Magazin i Tyskland. Rob besökte Berlin under Breaking Dawn part 1 premiären

BRAVO: Imagine you were the kings of the world – what dreams of yours would you make come true?
ROB: First of all, I would standardize the system of education. It’s way too complicated all over the world. Also, kids and teens are teached too little for their futute and what they really need in later life.
ROB: Oh! I have another idea: teleporting! I would use the whole national property to do research in teleporting. You could beam yourself anywhere, no more pollution by cars andaircraft!


BRAVO: And what would you prohibit right away?
ROB: I would prohibit boring people (laughs). In my opinion there’s nothing worse. People who are boring would be put in prison and there they would be forced to learn to be creative together with the other prisoners.


BRAVO: And where would your capital city be?
ROB: I would found my own city called ‘Shit City’. Some daunting name so that nobody would like to live there at all. It would be located on the Fiji Islands – a paradise for me only!


BRAVO: Which song would be your national anthem?
ROB: ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls.
BRAVO: Eh? Why this song?
ROB: I think it’s funny that all the stupid politicians would have to salutate to this song. A matching song for all the wannabe-politicians!

BRAVO: Who would be your Queen?
ROB: Mmh… Any woman who loves to run a country. But I would never force anyone to do it! (laughs)

BRAVO: What would you wish your commoners?
ROB: I think everyone should have the opportunity to accomplish what they want with all their heart.


Rob is a good kisser

2012-01-05 / 22:44:30

Många undrar ju hur det är att kyssa Rob. För Vanity Fair Italy berättar Christina Ricci om hur det var att kyssa Rob i Bel-Ami

VF: In March, there's the release of her new film, Bel Ami in which she has an affair with Robert Pattinson. Are you aware of being one of the most envied women in the world?
C.  I know, I know. Everyone keep asking me how is to kiss Robert. Like I said, he's a good kisser. And I'm not being nice. It's just like that.

Uma Thurman nämner Rob i Haarpar Baazar Magazine

2012-01-04 / 15:12:53

Uma Thurman intervjuvades av Haarpar Bazar UK. Så klart fick hon frågor om hennes co-star Robert Pattinson.


The 41-year-old actress was obviously expecting a question about the Twilight star when she appeared in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine – and she was certainly ready to answer it.


To answer the ubiquitous question about this movie, yes, Robert is good-looking in person, but he doesn’t have that diamond-sparkle skin like in those Dracula movies,’ she said.


The mother-of-two was of course referring to upcoming film Bel Ami in which she plays Pattinson’s secret love interest.


As she draped herself across a velvet sofa in an array of designer dresses, Thurman went on to say that she enjoyed the role very much.


‘It was a fun character, a nice, meaty, dramatic role, and who doesn’t love an excuse to wear a corset?’ she told the monthly publication.


But before she could change the subject, she had one more thing to say about Pattinson: ’He’s a very disciplined, very serious, very ambitious, very organised actor.’


The full feature appears in the February issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK, on sale Thursday 5th January.


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